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The Cuddle Carrier – Fatigue


The Cuddle Carrier

There is no better place for your new baby than close to your heart. The Cuddle Carrier is designed for moms and dads. Made from a light stretchy Viscose Lycra, these wraps easily mould to fit all sizes. Bamboo is more breathable than cotton, is antimicrobial, more earth friendly and softer than silk!

Some benefits of baby wearing:

  • Your baby may cry less
  • Your baby will thrive from the close contact as it resembles their time in your belly as they can hear your heart beat and the soothing motion from swaying.
  • It can assist with colick as baby is in a more upright position than if they were on their backs.
  • It can help reduce stress for mom and assist with better sleep for baby as baby will cry less when in a carrier.
  • More freedom for your hands and your mind, as you know baby is close by while you complete tasks or spend time with your older children.
  • It can help with post natal depression as your baby will still feel close to you, even when you may feel like you are letting them down.
  • Nursing in public is easier with babywearing
  • Keep unwanted attention and germs away when babywearing.
  • More freedom to go where strollers cannot go.
  • It can help with milk supply

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